What we do

We are a boutique consulting firm that helps US tech start-ups win internationally. We offer bespoke consulting services, including

Go-to-market strategy


Operations / interimmanagement

Internationalisation is not as easy as selling shoes. It is an iterative process that requires a deep understanding of your business, the consumer and the market.

Our Values


We know what we’re talking about, we’re experts at what we do and we’ve done this before. We are hands-on.


Our clients trust us with their one shot for international expansion. They trust us to find creative, bespoke solutions to their growth plans.


We’re authentic, no-bullshit and straight-forward - that can mean telling our clients something they don’t want to hear. We speak truth to power.

Trustworthy and reliable

We set realistic expectations and deliver on time and on budget. Not a typical consultancy, no suits!


and open minded with ‘Made in Germany’ quality.

Analytical and intuitive

We are analytical and like to measure what can be measured. At the same time, we understand that 100 people that love you beats a million people that kind of like you.



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